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We are more than the next company you outsource your work. We are partners in your project. When you are hiring us, you are not hiring a single engineer or a project manager with limited skills. Instead, you are hiring a team of design modelers, simulation engineers, flow analysts who have on-field experience with engineering projects. Every member has cross-discipline expertise with specialization in a few. We can merge the complexities of physics with the practicalities of the real world.

Make us your partners, and discover the value addition we bring to the table.


Vinaay Patil

CEO, Vaftsy CAE

M.S. Mechanical. Univ. of Texas, Ar (USA)

All Types Of Simulations Under One Roof

Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Components as per ASME Sec VIII Div 2, Part 5 requirements. (Design By Analysis)

Limit Load, Elastic-Plastic, Buckling Collapse, Cyclic Loading, Racheting

Steel Structure Design As per Code

Codes we can work with

American Code ( AISC, ASD, UBC )

British Code ( BS 5950 )

Indian Code ( IS 800, IS 456, IS 1893, IS 875 )


Offshore Components and Structure Analysis

Analysis done in accordance to DNV Code

Computation Fluid Dynamics

For determining head loss, heat loss, pressure/velocity fields.

Incorporating Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) in solutions

Heat Exchanger Analysis as per UHX

Thermal and Thermo-Structure Coupled analysis as per ASME UHX

Seismic and Random Vibration with Response Spectrum Method

Structure Analysis as per IS 1893 or equivalent international codes.

Composites, Polymer Analysis

Detailed modelling and analysis: Carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced composites

Anisotropic material properties modelling: Stress analysis

Failure mode analysis: Fibre, intra-fibre and delamination

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